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About Us


Team Loma Vista will ensure that all students actively engage in rigorous learning experiences as they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to serve as positive, responsible and contributing global citizens within a technology-rich and continually changing, diverse world community.


As a learning community, we empower one another to create, communicate, collaborate and think critically within a technology-rich learning environment, believing in the unique talents and capabilities of each student.

About Loma Vista Elementary School

Loma Vista Elementary is an outstanding Title I school that facilitates exceptional opportunities for student learning within a safe and positive learning environment. As a learning community, our mission is to facilitate rigorous and highly engaging learning experiences that will foster a love for learning, believing in the unique talents and capabilities of every student.

Intent on building a comprehensive curriculum in all areas, including physical education and wellness, while fostering and cultivating the 21st century learning skills, we have implemented the Common Core Standards with a goal of creating systems of continuous school improvement that will result in well defined, elevated expectations for all students. School-wide we have professionally studied, embraced and implemented the high-impact teaching practices of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in mathematics as well as Reading and Writing Workshops. As a teaching staff, we understand that these best practices take students to deeper levels of thinking and reasoning, enabling teachers to facilitate a highly engaging and meaningful curriculum inside of student-centered, technology-rich learning environments.

Loma Vista students engage in a variety of experiences to develop and nourish creativity. Throughout the year, students participate in our Cougar Creativity Lab, Meet the Masters Art Program and hands-on workshops, and interactive music assemblies. All third, fourth and fifth grade students participate weekly in a dynamic, one hour music program where they study instruments, rhythm, and singing. Many students participate in our many after school enrichment classes as well. Our students benefit from a credentialed physical education coach and have the opportunity to participate in a 100 Mile Club. Finally, our annual Variety Show provides students with awesome opportunities to shine in the performing arts.

Our very active Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) builds community fundraises each year to enhance and support our students’ school experiences. With these funds we have purchased an abundance of technological resources including student iPads, Apple TV, educational software programs, along with Art and Music programs, a PE Coach, instructional supplies and more. Our Loma Vista garden is a thriving space where students can learn and have a hands-on experience planting, weeding and harvesting. Students can also join our after school Garden Club!

Our school motto: COUGARS ARE KIND, SAFE, AND RESPONSIBLE and give 100% of their effort, 100% of the time sets the tone for our student body and learning community. Our Values of Success awards, student Academic and Attendance Recognition assemblies, Student Government, our Cougar Card program, Courageous Cougar peer mediator program, Principal’s Summer Challenge program, and our flag ceremonies model the high expectations we have for our students. Loma Vista students are tomorrow’s leaders; passionate about their school community and striving daily to make a difference.

Loma Vista’s success is evidenced by our 2015 designation by the State of California as a Gold Ribbon School, our distinction as a Campaign for Business and Educational Excellence 2014, 2015 Honor Roll School and our 2022 California Pivotal Practice award.